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About the software of this page:
This page is a collection of some of my favorite software programs.  I'm providing these links to make downloading these programs easier.  Some programs are free, some are shareware, some require purchase.  On some purchases, Medford Trails get a commission when buy,  but most are listed here just because I really like them.

PAINT SHOP PRO 10 CLICK HERE Corel Paint Shop Pro is the all-in-one solution for photo editing, organizing, sharing, and creativity. You will get tools for making your photos look just the way you want, organizing them so they are always at your fingertips, and making photo postcards, calendars, and more--advanced enough for a pro and easiest enough for a beginner. Version X is the best Paint Shop yet, with run times 50% faster than previous versions, more teaching resources (more than two hours of tutorials) for you to easily get the most out of the program, and 500 special effects.
1-2-3 Copy DVD 1-2-3 Copy DVD1-2-3 Copy DVD will burn DVD Movies to DVD-R(W) and DVD + R(W) Discs, copy all special features, copy Full Multi-Channel Audio (Dolby 5.1, DTS), and so much more! 1-2-3 Copy DVD uses revolutionary technology to fit any film (up to 9GB) on to one blank DVD (4.7GB).
BEYOND TV 3 BTV3 SNAPSTREAM BEYOND TV 3 BTV3 Beyond TV 3 BTV3 From Snapstream   transforms your PC into a TV/DVR combo. The free program guide gives details about future shows. Sklp commercials with one click, instant replay of live TV, forget to step up a recording? You can add programs to the record quene from remote PCs. Requires Microsoft™ Windows™ XP Home/PRO or Windows™ 2000
WINAMP Version 5
WinAmp is the best way to play multi-media files on your computer.  It even converts MP3 files to WAVe files. CLICK here to visit the web site. 

You may also want Mp3 Power! With Winamp This amazingly detailed book shows you how to get the most out of MP3 technology as a user, musician, and technical expert. It will teach you how to create, distribute and promote MP3 files with easy detailed instructions within the hallowed covers of this book.

ZoneAlarm Security Suite 2005 ZoneAlarm Security Suite 2005 This complete security solution includes: ZoneAlarm Pro Firewall, Antivirus and Privacy Protection. It stops hackers and cybercriminals, blocks and removes harmful viruses, protects instant messaging activity, block pop-up ads and much more!

Audio Grabber Audio Grabber is called a CD ripper.  It takes tracks off of music and audio CDs and makes them into .WAV or .MP3 files.  There is a built in MP3 encoder,  but you can also use free external encoders. Great for making custom CDs. AudioGrabber is now free!  CLICK here to download.
Macromedia Flash Pro 8 (Win/Mac) Do you make web sites?  Then you know about MacroMedia Flash.  Macromedia Flash MX is a software solution for developing rich Internet content and applications. The video, multimedia, and application development features allow users to create user interfaces, online advertising, e-learning courses, and enterprise application front-ends. Flash MX has a customizable, intuitive user interface with such features as panel layout, accelerator keys, and publish settings. 
Here's another piece of software that is so simple you'll wonder what you did without it.  It's called Tray Calendar.  All it does is put a pop-up calendar on your desktop, and allows you to schedule appointments for each day.  Simple clean, small, real easy to use and set-up.  It costs $19.95 for the full version.
Software Libraries
32Bit.com Only 32 bit programs and games for windows 95 and NT are listed. There is a special beta section for beta test software.
Download.com Very large collection of shareware files, very well organized. The reviews are detailed. You can search or browse for files and sort them in different ways. Download counter. Online store for online registration of some of the applications. Download.com is part of CNet
Filesearching.com This site contains a search engine for almost 30 million. files all around the world! Therefore the software directory is not as good as other sites. this site might be down,  I've had trouble connecting to it.
Search file:
Galt Shareware Zone Site with freeware and shareware. Detailed reviews mostly with screenshots of the application.
Gamesmania A great place for gamers. It has downloads of demos and comprehensive information about the newest games. Gamesmania has sites in different languages (for example German). This site is updated frequently.
Jumbo Many shareware programs for every need, if you can find the one you're searching for.   Short descriptions. Great: The users can rate the software online. 
Pass The Shareware This nice site has a listing of all kinds of shareware for different operating systems and a comprehensive listing of software sites too.
Serials 2000  New! Updated for 2006!  From the category: "not quite legal" comes  the coolest collection of serial numbers you'll ever see.  If you want to see what the demo version of a piece of software can really do before you buy it,  you need Serials 2000.  This program lists over 35,000 serial numbers. 
Tucows The ultimate collection of winsock software, plus more than 400 affiliate sites all around the world. Does only contain the better software, with fairly good reviews. One of the most up-to-date sites.


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