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There are presently about 12,200 links in the database 
NeXuS MP3 Search
S e a r c h   T h e   D a t a b a s e

AltaVista Audio Search Engine
 Find: MP3  WAV  WindowsMedia  Real  AIFF  Other

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What are Bit Torrents &
Why Should I Care?

I've tried this!  It Works!
Remember Napster? You could download any song ever recorded (illegally) for free! Now BitTorrents does for TV and other media, what Napster did for music. You can now download thousands of TV shows (illegally) for free! The only requirement in this operation is that you have a high speed internet connection.

BitTorrent is a peer-to-peer (P2P) protocol for distributing files. P2P just means that you're not downloading from a company's server, the file is coming from another PC, just like yours. It makes use of the upstream bandwidth of every downloader to increase the effectiveness of the distribution as a whole, and to gain advantage on the part of the downloader.

You see, while you're downloading a file from the Internet, thousands of bytes of data are being sent to your modem, but you're just sending out a few bytes to let the host of that file know you're getting it, but you could be using all that power to send a file to someone else at the same time.

Complicated? Yes, it's very complicated, but luckily, we don't need to understand any of it.  I missed a TV episode I wanted to see and a friend told me to download it  from a BitTorrent. Not what I wanted to hear, I was way too busy to take time to learn something new. Within a couple minutes my missing episode was being sent to my computer, and without any complicated software or instructions.

Here's what you need:  First you need a BitTorrent client. This is just a small program that performs all that P2P magic I was talking about. Here's where you get the program:  BitTorrent.com.  When the download is complete, run the program to install it, and within a few seconds, you'll be looking at a picture of Bram Cohen, the author, suggesting you donate some cash. Donations are optional; you'll have plenty of opportunities for that later. His page pops up every time you start a download with BitTorrent.

Before we start the fun part, I just want to tell you, I've had my techie security people tell me that the BitTorrent software is safe. They tell me it's not Spyware, and until you start a transfer, the program is dormant, not in memory or doing anything nasty. However, by using the software, and the links on this site, you agree not to hold my organization or me liable for any damages you may bring upon yourself from exchanging files, links or software.

Now you're all set. Set to download the world!! All you need is something to download… hmm… Oh yeah, here are a few thousand shows to start you off: MiniNova

In order for you to download a show, there must be a seed file for it. Fans maintain the seed files, and they can take them down whenever they feel like it. This means that not all shows are available all the time. For the most part, you'll find all the recent shows you thought you missed, from Kerry vs Bush Debate 2004 (there's a keeper) to last Sunday's episode of "Desperate Housewives."

Tip: Torrents can take a real long time to download, even with a high-speed connection. I prefer to set up a transfer before I go to bed, and I always wake up to good TV. By doing this, you are leaving your BitTorrent client open, thus helping others get their files faster. This is all a transparent part of the torrent process. When you get up in the morning, feel free to close your BitTorrent client. You won't be cutting anyone off, their transfers will continue from other users.

Using the File You Downloaded: Most of the files are mpg or avi format files. You can play them in the Windows Media player, RealPlayer may also be set up to handle these files. Many of the files are created with software that requires you to use special drivers called "codecs." One popular codec is the XViD or DiVX codec. Go to: DivX  then click on " Koepi's Binary - XviD-1.0.2-29082004.exe" . Save it, then run it. If you then get a 2000 or 8192 error, then download the AC3 codec from here:  DivMovies  If the idea of installing this software makes you nervous, don't worry. If you don't like it for some reason, it all uninstalls just as easy.

So now you're ready. You've browsed through the MiniNova directory and found tons of stuff you want. I was really pleased by the quality of the video, all better than VHS. Here's the bad news: You're a lawbreaker. Sharing files is on the gloomy side of legal. So far, they're not going after the torrent sites, let alone those that use them. As a vender of TV DVDs, I don't think downloading episodes of shows I forgot to tape hurts anything, however, if you look around Supernova, you'll see they have links to copyrighted video games, full length movies (like The Stepford Wives, White Chicks, and Spiderman 2), music from Abba to Usher and Yngwie Malmsteen. There's software from Microsoft and Corel and audio books and all kinds of stuff. I heard someone is putting up a BitTorrent porn site, which might be fun, but not on this site.

Downloading software, torrents are fairly anonymous, you don't know where it's coming from. It's not a good idea to run programs downloaded in that fashion. The video files in mpg, or avi format are much safer and not likely carriers of viruses.

Search for Torrent Files



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