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Medford Trails Featured Oddities
So You Wanna  is a collection of instructions, like: "So you wanna learn to play poker," "So you wanna ace your SAT tests" or "So you wanna cook a Chinese dinner."  Lots of valuable information and fun too.

Maximum Exposure - Watch real life videos of accidents: stupid stunts, motorcycle jumps, explosions, skateboarding, car crashes, animal bites, rescues, sky dives, police chases, bungee jumps, extreme sports, fights, and more. Click on the Max X Hits button for their archive of older videos.

FreakyDreams.com - Find out what your dreams mean by using this online dream analyzer. Type in your dream to have it instantly interpreted.

The Hollywood Stock Exchange - A virtual stock market where you buy and sell shares of your favorite movies, rock groups, and Hollywood stars. As their popularity increases, so does the value of your portfolio. Play for free.

Jumptheshark.com - Find out when people think popular TV shows started to go bad, such as: The Brady Bunch, The X-Files, ER, Seinfeld, Buffy, Ally McBeal, Beverly Hills 90210, The Simpsons, and more.

How Stuff Works - Have you ever wanted to know: how chocolate is made, how toilets work, how light sabers work, how silencers work, how root beer is made, what cause farts, and other important questions?

The New Homemaker offers lots of help.  Everything from craft ideas, money saving tips to removing laundry stains.  It's like Martha Stewart,  without making you feel inept.

Tests, Tests, Tests - Dozens of online test that you can take for free: personality, IQ, emotional states, career, stress, lifestyle, dating, and many others.

What does your phone number spell? Enter your phone and this web site will give you all the possible combinations

Meta-Spy is a fun page to visit when you are bored.  It lets you spy on people searching with Metacrawler.  It come in two flavors,  regular and "exposed."  The "regular" page filters out all the dirty stuff,  while the "exposed" page lets you see everything.  If you enjoy these pages,  you'll also want to check out Magellan Search Voyeur.

Vintage Vending - I borrowed this link from our shopping links.   You'll find one of a kind vintage vending machines.  Their web site design isn't very good,  but  the merchandise is great.  You can even buy a genuine fiberglass Bob's Big Boy statue.

Live Web Cams - watch other people while they work, sleep, and live their lives. Or, see live views of cities, beaches, animals, nightclubs, sports events, traffic, and more.

Database of Song Lyrics - Find the words to over 100,000 songs.

The Catalog Request Center - Free mail order catalogs. Over 300 catalogs available: gifts, electronics, sports, travel, clothing, entertainment, hobbies, automotive, and more.

The Darwin Awards - True stories of stupid things people do that got them killed.

The Death Clock - check out your death day and watch the seconds slip through you fingers.

Name Anagrams - provides words & phrases using the letters of Your Name
"X" of the Day Page - Dozens of pages updated daily such as Morbid Fact of the Day, Kissing Tip of the Day, Wacky headline of the Day, Spiritual Thought of the Day, Excuse of the Day, Riddle of the Day, and many more.

Brian's Brain - Useless facts, funny philosophies, silly games, comical quotes, trivia contests, top 10 lists, madlibs, and more!

AprilFools.Com - Automatically creates free Internet April Fools jokes for you to play on a friend. Creates gag web pages or emails: personalized headline news story, inheritance notification, Internet Indecency Committee warning, e-mail addict notice, and more.

The $95,093.35 check - On a whim, Patrick Combs deposited into his bank's ATM machine one of those "fake" checks you get in a junk mail letter, never expecting it to get cashed. But, to his surprise, they did cash it. That was only the beginning of his fascinating true story. Hear his amazing saga from beginning to end.

Are You Owed Unclaimed Money? - You may be owed unclaimed money by the government. Search the FindCash database of over 11 million names for FREE to see if you name is on the list. This money can come from such sources as old bank accounts, wills, insurance, tax refunds, and previous employers.


Tired of Junk
Spam Cop Stops Spam
Shut Down Spammers
SpamCop is a free service (with a deluxe pay option) file complaints against the people that send you spam, and they get shut down. 

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