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The following links are recognized as kid friendly safe places.
  No warranty is expressed or implied.  
Parents should always supervise their children's use of the internet.
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Kids Approved Links

kdbull1.gif (890 bytes)Beantown - Attractive page, good stuff, "sponsored by Calvary Chapel Monterey Bay". 

kdbull1.gif (890 bytes)Kidz Under Constructions - pre-school and kindergarten level activities. Coloring Pages
Fingerplays and Action Rhymes  Indoor Games Songs. Christian links

kdbull1.gif (890 bytes)CyberJacques - a fun site with games like hangman, puzzles and "Simon Says."  Uses Shockwave, best with a fast connection.

kdbull1.gif (890 bytes)East Tulsa Christian Church - Kids Web - "Interactive games."

kdbull1.gif (890 bytes)Kid's Web - Fun and games in a Christian environment. 

kdbull1.gif (890 bytes)Squigly's Playhouse - Pencil Puzzles - give your pencil a workout on one of their great puzzles. Jokes, Holiday activities and more.

kdbull1.gif (890 bytes)WonderKorner - Answers to Curious Questions posed by kids like you. Hundreds of questions are answered.  Like an "Ask Morty" for kids.

kdbull1.gif (890 bytes)Bedtime-Story - Just a big collection of whimsical stories for children.

kdbull1.gif (890 bytes)Children's Storybooks Online - a collection of children's stories from Magic Key stories.  Also Busy Bee Riddles, coloring books and more.


Smart Links

kdbull1.gif (890 bytes)FunBrain - "Interactive, educational games (math and grammar) for kids and children of all ages." 

kdbull1.gif (890 bytes)Nadya's Underwater Adventure Game - Fun and is a very elaborate site. 

kdbull1.gif (890 bytes)Professor Bubbles' Official Homepage - everything you wanted to know about making bubbles (adult help needed).

kdbull1.gif (890 bytes)Shape N Race Derby Page - "Christian Service Brigade's gravity-powered model car race." 

kdbull1.gif (890 bytes)www 4kidz - A large site with educational, informational, and fun activities.

kdbull1.gif (890 bytes)Children's Television Workshop - CTW Family Corner, a test site featuring parenting information and Sesame Street activities for kids. 

kdbull1.gif (890 bytes)The Learning Studio of the Exploritorium - Online exhibits.

kdbull1.gif (890 bytes)Learning Train - many educational projects (adult help needed). 

kdbull1.gif (890 bytes)The Franklin Institute Science Museum - Online exhibits.

kdbull1.gif (890 bytes)Parents and Children Together Online - A Magazine for Parents and Children on the Worldwide Web

Kids 'n' Crafts

kdbull1.gif (890 bytes)Danielle's Place of Crafts and Activities-  A very cool place to visit where you will find original and inexpensive craft projects designed for young children, Sunday school, and VBS teachers. We have many crafts with bible story themes, Christian crafts, kid's crafts, and free craft patterns .

kdbull1.gif (890 bytes)Craft Finder What do you want to make?  What do you have lying around?  Let Craft Finder put them together and give you new ideas for great projects. Part of the Go Network's Family.com

kdbull1.gif (890 bytes)Aunt Annie's Crafts
Aunt Annie's Crafts takes the craft how-to book one  step further by putting it      on the computer.  Lots of things kids can make to give as gifts.

kdbull1.gif (890 bytes)Kid Crafts A nice list of links to kid's craft site compiled from newsgroups. 

kdbull1.gif (890 bytes)Coloring Book How about coloring The Seattle Seahawks pictures
 again? You can color action pictures of the Seattle Seahawks, Holiday themes and more.

kdbull1.gif (890 bytes)Kolor Me Kids -  Fun coloring pages you can print.  Updated monthly.

kdbull1.gif (890 bytes)Kids Domain - Winter Fun
Great crafts for a snowy day.

kdbull1.gif (890 bytes)Theodore Online Color Book Coloring Book - Downloadable

kdbull1.gif (890 bytes)Fun Crafts For Kids
Cool Craft Ideas

kdbull1.gif (890 bytes)Michael's Arts & Crafts Store Kids Club, Newsletter & Crafts



kdavns.gif (1481 bytes)

kdbull1.gif (890 bytes)ACEKids -  Collections of kids links.  Well organized.
kdbull1.gif (890 bytes)Yahooligans! - The Yahoo! Webguide for Kids|. kdbull1.gif (890 bytes)Noggin.com - A collaboration of Nickelodeon and the Children's Television Workshop bring even more cool stuff to kid's online. 
kdbull1.gif (890 bytes)Discovery Kids - This site is a great place for kids 6 and older to find ideas about things to do.  It is an excellent way to keep a kid from getting bored this summer. 
kdbull1.gif (890 bytes)Cartoon Network - information, Games, Schedules and insider information about all the Cartoon Network's shows. 
kdbull1.gif (890 bytes)HBO-4-Kids - Stay on top of your favorite HBO Children's Programming. 
kdbull1.gif (890 bytes)Humongous.com - A website for kids that, for once, doesn't underestimate the mind of a kid kdbull1.gif (890 bytes)KidsCom - Play Smart, Stay Safe and Have Fun! 
kdbull1.gif (890 bytes)Santa - Visit Santa at the north pole 
kdbull1.gif (890 bytes)Nick - Information on the Nickelodeon television network. 
kdbull1.gif (890 bytes)Lego - The Official Lego World Wide Web Site
kdbull1.gif (890 bytes)Bonus - Dozens of cool games to play online
kdbull1.gif (890 bytes)Avery - A variety of things to do and see 
kdbull1.gif (890 bytes)M & Ms - The M&M Home Page 
kdbull1.gif (890 bytes)Apple Corps - Play the Mr. Potato Head type game, except with an Apple or any number of vegetables. 
kdbull1.gif (890 bytes)PBS Online - Learn about upcoming PBS Events and get read news about past and present events. 
kdbull1.gif (890 bytes)Beanie Babies - Learn about Beanie Babies
kdbull1.gif (890 bytes)Disney - The not just for kids Internet site, learn all about your favorite Disney characters and movies. 

kdbull1.gif (890 bytes)Dole 5 A Day - Meet Bobby Banana and check out all his cool friends and things to do.
 kdbull1.gif (890 bytes)Enchanted Learning - Homework and School Project Help 
kdbull1.gif (890 bytes) Ingenious - Cyber arcade, email and cool links for kids to explore and have fun with 
kdbull1.gif (890 bytes)Online from Jupiter - Check out photos from Jupiter and read field articles.
kdbull1.gif (890 bytes)Stone Soup - "the literary magazine written and illustrated by young people through age 13. Stone Soup is international and had been published since 1973." 
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