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The Help Desk Tuesday, September 25, 2018
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Table of Contents

  1. How Can I make the Medford Trails Starting Point my default start up page?
  2. Can I put a link to this site on my site?
  3. Why Can't I find people in the phone books?
  4. Why are all the weather pages for Medford, NJ?
  5. What is Medford Trails?
  6. Nothing Happens when I click on a link
  7. What's Search & Shop?
  8. What's the purpose of this?
  9. How Can I Get Rid of Banner Ads?
  10. Can I Suggest a web site for the links page?
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How Can I Make Medford Trails My Default Page?

Instead of having your ISP's default page load when you go on-line, you can set up your software to load the Medford Trails page.  Click here for complete instructions. 

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Can I put a link to this Site on my Site?

Yes.  You can use a simple text link, or select from several banners that you can use on your site.  Click here to see our banners.

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Why Can't I Find People in the phone books

The phone book data bases are provided by Acxiom.   They claim to update their information every three months,  however I'm aware of information that is over three years old.  I've selected using this information because of the reverse searching capabilities.  If you need a regular phone book,   try one of the links under "411", such as: Phone & Address Look-Up

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Why are all the Weather pages for Medford, NJ?

This starting point is designed for users in the Medford,  Mount Laurel, Mount Holly,  Moorestown area of New Jersey.  If you want to check another city,   use the Weather by Zip-Code function.

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What is Medford Trails?

Medford Trails is what I call a "community portal".  I've tried to create a site that would bring a lot of local information to a central location,  without bombarding visitors with outside advertising.  Medford Trails is sponsored by Knight Networking and Web Design, a local company that installs computer networks, and designs web sites for businesses and community organizations. 

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Nothing Happens When I Click on a Link

The provider of the page has either moved the page,  discontinued it,  or re-named it.  This will cause you to get a 405 or 404 error message.  Please let me know of any bad links by e-mail.

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What is Search and Shop?

This is a collection of the internet businesses I buy from.  I put their search engines all in one place so I search and compare quickly,  without have to wait for their pages to load.

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What is the Purpose of these pages?

To centralize information you use daily,  without being bombarded with advertisements.

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How Can I get Rid of Banner Ads? 

Use a proxy server such as Junk Buster. The Junk Buster proxy does not let your computer access the banners.  Go to: Junk Buster   to get the software and instructions.  This installation is not recommended for computer novices.  You will also need a block file (a list of banners to ban).  I'll be happy to e-mail you a very extensive one that blocks 80% of ad banners. Also available is a good program called AdSubtract PRO!.  It's commercial software from the makers of Zone Alarm, a very good security program for internet users. 

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Can You add a web site to the links page? 

I appreciate and suggestions you may have. Click Here and fill out the suggested link form.
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