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  Directory of Free Stuff Links    

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Sweepstakes and Contests Page

101 Free Stuff Links  
Like the title says: lots of links here to both general freebies sites, as well as more specialized free stuff offers, like contests, screen savers, etc.

Absolutely Freebies  
A fine resource, offering lots of free stuff for everyone, including webmasters.  You'll find lots of goodies, such as contests, magazines, screen savers, Internet gaming, E-mail accounts, catalogs and more. 

All For Free List  
Here's a handy, fast-loading one-page roundup of the Web's top free products and Web-related services. 

Chazhound's Free Dog Page  
Plenty of goodies here, including pet care resources, free dog care information, and other free fun stuff for dogs and pets, and people too! 

This site focuses on freebies for college students. Here, you'll find everything from free essays to free samples. 

Completely Free Software  
A library of freeware that is fun to browse. Each listing is reviewed and rated. Freeware here includes programs for Windows 98/95, Win 3.1 and even DOS. Topics here include text editors, graphics programs, games, utilities, multimedia programs and more. 

Cool Freebie Links  
This site offers a comprehensive roundup of the Web's freebies sites. Here, you get detailed reviews of each freebies resource. The reviews detail what the site is about, how it's laid out and what pitfalls (if any) may be encountered. There's a lot here to explore.

A large freebies directory that is well-organized and easy to use. Categories here include arts & crafts, business, careers, catalogs, computers, coupons, education, entertainment, food, games, magazines, self-improvement, shopping, sweepstakes, travel and more. 

eyepiece network free stuff
A comprehensive listing of cool stuff- that is free. So sit back and watch it arrive at your doorstep. No hassle A nice clean directory. 

Free Center  
The Free Center is a good site that offers freebies for both Webmasters, as well as a general audience. Webmaster goodies here range from counters to graphics to free home pages. For everyone else, there's lots of freebies including contests, sound files, freeware and more. All offers are rated. 

Free -n- Cool  
Fast-loading, nicely organized and well-maintained, Free -n- Cool has all the attributes of a top-notch freebies site. From samples to gifts to sweepstakes and more, you'll find plenty of worthwhile content at this excellent resource. The site lives up to its name, as well: besides freebies, you'll find plenty of cool links to browse. 

Free Mall  
Not strictly a freebie site, but there's plenty of links to freebie-type resources here, from "Shop for Free Things," to "Get Paid to Shop" to "Free Greeting Cards." 

Free Stuff Central  
A well-done, major and popular free stuff site, with loads of goodies for the money-challenged. Many categories, including "800" numbers, beauty, books, catalogs, CD-ROMs, contests, coupons, cyber arcade, digital postcards, E-mail,  magazines, mouse pads, pet stuff, phone cards, screen savers, software, stickers and videos. 

The Free World  
The only site I've seen with a free item search.  The freebie archives 

The Free Zone  
This is a helpful listing of the Web's top freebies resources. From free graphics, to software to E-mail to Web site promotion and more, you'll find it here. 

You name it, and it's here: free samples, contests, free catalogs, gift certificates, free magazines, freeware, opportunities for earning cash and much more.

Free Stuff Place  
This site offers a good roundup of various freebies. Here, you'll find free catalogs, CD-ROMs, E-mail services, fonts, freeware, magazines, screen savers and more. 

An outstanding, fun-to-browse site that offers loads of new freebies every day. Each freebie in reviewed in depth and offers here include free product samples, contests, games, sounds, graphics, freeware and tons more. There's also an advanced search engine, so you can quickly find what you need. 

The Freebie Site  
A fast-growing new freebie directory, with loads of free goodies for both Webmasters and a general audience. Categories here include banner exchanges, CGI, catalogs, contests, counters, revenue-earning opportunities, free E-mail, fonts, games, graphics, free sounds, Web space and more. 

This site offers up a good selection of free offers. There are listings for free software, free E-mail, coupon services, free Web space providers and more. 

Rhonda Gregory's site offers a handy roundup of freebies, as well as discount offers from around the Web.

Sign up as a member at this site (it's free) and you'll then be eligible for all sorts of free offers and services. Offers here include free magazines, samples, books, money-making opportunities and more. 

Freeware Files.com  
A nicely-organized, information-packed site, Freewarefiles.com offers truckloads of free software for Windows 95/98 and NT, as well as Win 3.1. There's also a good selection of Net tools, utilities, programming files, Windows libraries and drivers, as well as free online Java games. Be sure to check out the "What's Hot" and "Top Ten" features for a handy snapshot of the Web's latest must-have freeware. 

It's the Really Cheap Free Stuff Page  
An offbeat and fun freebie site, these folks categorize their offerings into four broad sections: "New Stuff," "Cool Stuff," "Crappy Stuff" and "Useless Stuff." Lots of gratis goods here that we've not seen elsewhere. 

This large site offers hundreds of freebie and sweepstakes listings, as well as a weekly newsletter. The site is updated daily.

Lady Mafia's Unique World  
This lady has offers that you can't refuse! Sections include screensavers, contests & sweepstakes, catalogs, E-cards, counters, E-mail, Web pages, games, recipes and more. 

Medford Trails Software
In case you didn't know,  we have a great list of free software sites,  check it out.

My Favorite Freebie and Contest Sites  
This site offers the best the Web has to offer in freebies, contests, games and survey sites that pay you money. This site also offers a good round-up of various like-minded sites around the Web, with full descriptions. Turn your speaker down before clicking.

A well-rounded freebies site that offers a good selection of free product samples, along with freeware, free services and free goodies for Webmasters.

It's really amazing all the different ways you can earn money on the Web these days. Surfers are being compensated for doing everything from reading E-mail to surfing the Web to "mystery shopping." This site offers a good place to start in your quest for extra income. 

Sam's Free Stuff  
I like this site.  Links to free t-shirts, lots of free samples,  and it isn't covered in advertisements.

A massive resource for software, SoftwareNow.com offers loads of freeware, shareware, demos and more. Categories include business software, E-mail clients, games, database software, multimedia programs, programming resources, Palm Pilot goodies, desktop themes, Web authoring programs and more. Be sure to check out their new tracking service, which alerts you when the latest version of your favorite software is released. 

Squeaky Pockets Paradise  
A whole bunch of other goodies: food, medicine, personal hygene, computing freebies, interesting "things," stuff for kids and money-making stuff. 

Good selection of free stuff here. There's contests, a "Free Zone," and a "Kids' Zone," which features freebies and activities for children. 

Totally Free Stuff  
One of two sites that goes by this name (This one claims to be "the original"). Lots of good content here, including gifts, product samples, audio stuff, stickers, coupons, pet food & supplies, posters, computer stuff, calling cards, publications, health & beauty products and more. 

What's Free Today?  
A new freebies site that's updated daily and offers lots of good offers. There are many categories here to browse. 

$75 In Printable Coupons

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